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We have invested additional effort to translate and edit the original methodology, “Specific system of passenger´s check-in and number of transported passengers” in order to provide an insight into the objectives and outputs of the project. The abridged version named “Population Mobility Data Retrieval from Cellular Networks and its Use Case in Public Transport” was drafted to provide an insight into the methodology which enables to determine transport performance based on localisation and traffic data from mobile networks.

Internet pages provide quick insight to the project
Internet pages on-line, the section “examples” include mainly the figures from following chapters of the abridged methodology. Description of data items; Understanding the differences in mobility assessment; Example of application; Stay, out-commuting, in-commuting; Conditions in the territory; Conditions on the route. In the section “presentation”, an important figures from the chapters “Methodology indicators” are included.

Printed publication in English discusses newly discovered phenomena of population mobility
The results of our research presented in this publication are based on in-depth technological knowledge of cellular networks; data distributed computing in the Apache Hadoop platform as well as other technical and economic disciplines. The scope of the book focuses on population mobility data that become available once the above mentioned knowledge has been mastered. It ought to be said that our intention was to introduce the basic building blocks on which subsequent analysis could be applied in a simple way. The publication contains several examples of application and describes some previously unknown phenomena discovered, such as the need to consider a dynamic number of residents in the locations. Nevertheless, we intentionally leave up to the readers to consider the possibilities for an even better fulfilment of their duties. We believe that only by implementing such information into our daily routines can we achieve our ultimate goals - enhance citizens' quality of life and protect our environment. Printed version in English, ISBN 978-80-248-4039-0, is available on request. Please contact us.

Original methodology in Czech presents also local data sources and country specific aspects of the project.
The abridged version does not supersede the unabridged methodology, the Czech version of which comprises 126 pages ISBN: 978-80-248-4018-5. Original methodology is available in pdf format for download here.


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